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As athletes we are always looking for that competitive advantage, that extra little thing that elevates our performance.

By bringing some practices from qigong (and t’ai chi) to your game, you will gain so much in terms of increased energy, better focus, increased mental clarity, a stronger body and better overall health.

But remember, it’s not always about what you gain; sometimes you need to invest in loss.  With this tailor-made program you will learn how to lose anxiety, frustration, tension and all things that prevent good performance





An innovative
MIND-BODY-ENERGY program for golfers of all levels.

  • Learn t’ai chi and qigong movements as they relate to golf. This will give you a better feel for how the body moves and will help train a more repeatable swing;

  • Want to know a secret for better health and performance? Learn how to breathe effectively. Understand the ‘Breath Connection;

  • Performance is much more effective with a quiet mind and a relaxed body - we will teach you how to get into this ‘flow state’;

  • Improve joint flexibility and gain better balance;

  • Discover the world of ‘Sports Energetics’.




"The qigong movements for developing greater relaxation were awesome! I loved the exercises for loosening the joints!”

"I learned so much and have already incorporated grounding my feet (at set up, back swing and finish), a purposeful breath and really trying to focus better as I address the ball.”

“I particularly enjoyed the rooted and grounded section as well as the string analogy that you use to visualise where the ball is headed.”


With QI GOLF you are working towards good balance, increased joint flexibility, clearer and more focused mind, less tension, reduction in the stress response, lower risk of injury AND more enjoyable golf!





Students Learn the Following:

  • Tai Chi and Qigong exercises that relate specifically to golf so that proper movement and structure become ingrained in your body. This will lead to a more consistent and repeatable swing.

  • Qigong practices to quiet the mind and relax the body. A relaxed body is better for performance than a tense one.

  • Learn good breathing techniques.

  • Experience what it feels like to be ‘rooted’, or as they say in golf, what it feels like to use the ground for greater shots.

  • Meditation - there is nothing worse nor more destructive than a thousand thoughts in your head. Students develop skill in focused awareness that teaches them how to ‘be in the moment.’

  • Energy Consciousness - becoming aware of how the energy of others can potentially affect your performance. Learning how to control it and then use your own energetic awareness to your advantage.


  • Improved overall golf experience;

  • Better balance and posture;

  • Reduction in stress response in the body;

  • Clearer and more focused mind;

  • Reduced tension;

  • Lower risk of injury;

  • Improved shot-making.



About Qi Golf

Qi Golf came about through realization, awareness and personal practice.  You know these days when everything just seems to go right - you connect with your drives, the putts fall and everything feels effortless. Perhaps without knowing it, these are the days when you are in the ‘flow state’. Relaxed posture, slow breathing, calm mind, sinking energy, guided imagery and balance in movement are all part of this and it can be trained through t’ai chi and qigong practice. It is, in fact, what some athletes call ‘the zone’.  Although many highly skilled athletes train the inner mind/body aspect - including Tiger Woods and Novac Djokovic who used t’ai chi principles - it is not exclusive to them. In fact, anyone can achieve this level of internal awareness and improve their performance as a result.


About Gillian Carmody


Gillian Carmody is a former professional soccer player and a certified qigong instructor with more than 20 years experience in the art.
She is also a dedicated t’ai chi practitioner and likes to combine the tools and techniques from both disciplines to tailor programmes for specific needs.
Gillian is especially well-versed in Qigong for Sport and Qigong for Health. Her lifetime learning and training continues with T’ai Chi Ch’uan Atlanta, and with world-renowned Qigong Master, Kenneth Cohen.


ACHIEVE: Athletic Performance Qigong

I teach regular classes at:
6250 Abbotts Bridge Road, Suite 500
Johns Creek, GA 30097